Just a small sample of the photos we have taken and have been apart of



Created on the 22nd of May 2019. A Landscape photo of the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise. This photo was taken a the exact time where no traffic was visable and came out to be a great image.


Glow mask portrait photoshoot

Created on the 1st of August. Down at Southport, Gold Coast. This image was taken with the help from local model and influencer James Rea, @fadedoffical . The shoot was alot of fun to do with the idea of the mask with the night photography it came out great and would be very excited to do this again.


Lamington national park, gold coast

Taken at Lamington National Park. This beautiful sunset was taken just as the sun set behind the mountain and just came out so much better then expected. Big thanks to fellow photographer Hayden Benefield, @minibene .